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Bowling Party

2908 Riverview Road
Birmingham, AL 35242
Map and Directions
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Remarka-Bowl Package Includes

  • 2 hours of bowling
  • Shoe rental
  • Cheese pizza (one slice per child)
  • Drink
  • Host
  • $5 arcade card per child

Unstoppa-Bowl Package Includes

  • Remarka-bowl Package plus
  • An additional food item
  • Paper products
  • $5 gift certificate per child
  • Birthday child receives a Signature Bowling Pin for guests to sign

Unbelieva-Bowl Package Includes

  • Unstoppa-bowl Package plus
  • An additional 1/2 hour of bowling
  • Ice cream station

Remarka-bowl Package – $15.99 per child

Unstoppa-bowl Package – $19.99 per child

Unbelieva-bowl Package- $22.99 per child

Deposit required

* Minimum of 5 children
* Birthday parties on Saturdays are Cosmic unless there is a tournament being held
* Bumpers are available at no extra charge
* Bring your own cake; no other outside food allowed
* Best for ages 5 and up